Everything you want to know about the creator of Barrio Threads.

I make stuff to wear. And touch. And hold.
Mostly shirts and a few accessories.
I sewed in Detroit. For me and a couple of dolls.
In London. (But not too much.)
In New York City. For Trash and Vaudeville. Men and Women. Suits and Punks.
I also make hats. I am a professional milliner.
In New York City. I worked with Woody Shelp. Hats for Broadway theatre, film, and dance.
I've designed and created hats for several runway shows.
Here in the Southwest I worked with the Arizona Opera Company.
I also sell millinery supplies for professional and aspiring milliners. Shop: www.hatshadows.com.
I missed sewing clothes. The process, the construction and the sensual feel of fabrics.
I missed the vintage sewing machines.
I'm back to making shirts. It makes me happy.
I hope my shirts make you happy too.

Quality Apparel & Accessories Made in the Southwest USA

Barrio Threads apparel and accessories are hand crafted in the American Southwest and sewn on vintage Singer 201 sewing machines using the brightest and most exciting all cotton prints designed in the USA.